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Faun og Nymf by Edward Weie

Edward Weie

Faun og Nymf, 1940-1941

Statens Museum for Kunst

Portrait of Paris von Gütersloh by Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele

Portrait of Paris von Gütersloh, 1918

Metropolitan Museum of Art (US)


Plartform is an online database showing inventory lists of museum collections & privates and their availability for exchange or loan. By combining the international data of the public and private art collectors, we centralise & digitalise information and connect lenders to renters. Hereby, we primarily centralise the fragmented, intransparent, inaccessible, and highly personal art world and overcome the analog curation process for exhibitions and its research.

Plartform grants access to internationally unexhibited pieces. The exchange/loan of art is a win-win situation for both museums and further brings hidden art to the public.



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Johannes Dolle


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Nick Kjeldsen

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