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Plartform streamlines the process of loaning art, granting access to the art world's inventory.

Faun og Nymf by Edward Weie

Edvard Weie

Faun og Nymf, 1940-1941

Statens Museum for Kunst (DK)

Portrait of Paris von G├╝tersloh by Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele

Portrait of Paris von G├╝tersloh, 1918

Metropolitan Museum of Art (US)


At plartform, we support art professionals on their way to successful art loans. Platform-based technology grants our customers access to a worldwide art inventory database.

For the first time, art professionals can browse the worldwide art inventory, with the possibility to facilitate art loans. This process has been very analog, intransparent, decentralised, and very time intense. Plartform brings efficiency into this process, promising a comprehensive search result, availability prognoses, and direct lender contact options, within a high-security platform environment.



Johannes Dolle

Johannes Dolle

Founder & CEO

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Nick Kjeldsen


MSc. Computer Science and Engineering

Yifei Chen

Yifei Chen

PR & Communications

MBA Art&Culture Management

Anton Brandt Pedersen

Anton Brandt Pedersen

Business Development

MSc. E-Business

Christina Ernst

Christina Ernst


MSc. Art History

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